The Best Playstation 4 Games of 2023

The Playstation 4 has arguably been the most successful console of this generation. Its rise to the top of Sony’s wedge of a machine was largely due to irresistible exclusive marquee titles and an extensive catalog that satisfies every taste. The PlayStation 5 is now here, bringing with it the promise of even more new experiences, but the PS4’s legacy still lives on. It’s not often that we see a big-name multiplatform game launch on an older platform the year after its successor hits the shelves. It’s even more surprising when that game is a remaster as good as the ones that have come out for PS4.

Typically at this point in the cycle, games released on a previous console start to see fewer releases. There will be some high-profile releases, of course, but usually the flow of games slows down as a whole to make room for its replacement. This isn’t a typical time, though.

2023 is turning into a banner year for the PlayStation 4, with a slew of high-profile releases hitting the aging system on a weekly basis. We’ve got God of War Ragnarok arriving this holiday season, which will surely help put the PS4 into its final sunset with a bang.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t have a bunch of other games to enjoy, too. The PS4 is home to a wide variety of incredible indie titles, many of which are remasters of classic games from the PS2 and PS3 eras. It’s the perfect way to connect with PlayStation’s vast gaming heritage.

From Software’s eerily atmospheric Bloodborne is another must-have title on any Playstation owner’s list. Its world of Yharnam drips with dread, with every corner potentially hiding a grotesque beast or twisted piece of lore. This is a genuinely tough game that rewards players with a third-person melee combat system that’s as empowering as it is tense and satisfying.

A much more recent addition is the PS4’s remaster of the iconic Final Fantasy VII. It’s not just a remaster, too – it’s a brand-new release with gorgeous graphics and gameplay that holds up well against most other JRPGs released this century. Playstation 4 games

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