Immigration Lawyer Mario Musil – Reuniting Families and Creating New Families

Immigration Attorney Mario Musil has been practicing for over 10 years, helping people with immigration issues reuniting families and creating new ones. He has experience with all aspects of immigration law including Marriage Visas, Green Cards, US Citizenship, Deportation Defense and Business Visas.

The US immigration system is complex and continually changing. It is important that your lawyer stay up to date with the latest changes so that your application is submitted correctly and on time. It is also crucial that your lawyer be familiar with all government agencies involved in the immigration process such as USCIS, ICE and the Department of Labor. Attorney Musil stays updated on daily changes to the immigration laws in order to provide his clients with the best representation possible.

In Family Based Immigration: Musil assists immigrants in reunifying their families through Fiance visas, Spousal visas and the Immigration of Children. He has extensive experience with all types of Family-Based Immigration cases and is an excellent communicator.

For Businesses: Musil helps individuals and corporations with their business-based immigration needs such as work visas, permanent residency and naturalization. He has worked with all types of businesses, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. He has a unique understanding of the issues faced by employers in the global economy and has a comprehensive approach to each individual case.

Deportation Defense: Many people who are arrested in the United States face the threat of deportation. It is vital that you speak to a Portland immigration lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your options. Depending on your status in the United States, you may be eligible for a work permit or a green card while your case is being processed. You could also be eligible to remain in the country if you are currently in removal proceedings.

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The Law Offices of Aarti Gujral provides quality legal counsel in the areas of Immigration Law, Divorce Law and Estate Planning within Beaverton and greater Portland Oregon. Attorney Gujral focuses on helping her clients achieve their goals, and she strives to provide exceptional customer service. She speaks English, Russian and Spanish and is experienced in handling all types of immigration law matters.

There are millions of people living in the United States who do not have lawful immigration status. Many of them were brought to the United States on family-based visas and can be at risk of losing their status or even being deported if they are stopped by immigration enforcement. Immigration law is highly complicated and oftentimes the advice of a Portland immigration attorney is necessary to protect your rights. An experienced attorney can help you navigate through the immigration process and determine your best course of action. The right Portland immigration lawyer can ensure that your case is filed correctly and on time. He or she can also help you obtain a temporary work permit or travel authorization so that you can continue to maintain your legal status while your case is being processed. immigration lawyer portland

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