Protect Yourself With Gas Masks

When it comes to protecting your lungs and respiratory system from dangerous chemical and biological substances, gas masks are a crucial piece of equipment. These protective masks cover the wearer’s nose and mouth and may also protect the eyes and other soft tissue of the face.

The air in a gas mask passes through a filter that traps harmful chemicals and particles, while allowing clean oxygen to pass through. The effectiveness of a mask depends on a number of factors, including filter size, the type of aerosol, the gas flow rate, and the mask’s fit.

Designed for use in a nuclear, biological or chemical attack or other emergency situations, this CBRN survival kit is packed with a military-grade gas mask and compatible NBC-77 SOF filter. It features a mouthpiece made from bromobutyl rubber, which is incredibly durable and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It also includes a voice diaphragm to ensure 95% intelligibility when speaking and potassium iodide tablets, which prevent thyroid damage from radiation or fallout. The kit is easy to store in your home or car for preparedness when you need it.

Senior Airman Eric Lundeen, an aircraft materials technology craftsman who helped develop the modified mask, told Stripes that the invention could save the Air Force millions of dollars and countless man-hours. The new masks weigh less than a pound, are easier to maintain and do not require the large air tanks and electrical power supply used by the self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) currently used in aircrew.

gas masks

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