Peptide Capsules

Peptides are tiny fragments of proteins, usually no more than 50 amino acids long. They perform a vast array of functions in the body, and many of them have pharmaceutical potential. Insulin is a peptide hormone, and others are being explored for everything from fighting superbugs to patching up cavities in teeth. In the skin, peptides work to improve the skin barrier and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

You’ll find peptides in beauty products and in oral supplements that are sold online or at health food stores. But be careful; the FDA doesn’t regulate these products as tightly as drugs. It’s best to get them from your doctor, who can guide you toward safe and effective options.

The realm of peptide therapeutics is rapidly expanding, filling the gap between small-molecule and large-molecule drugs. Companies like Rhythm Pharmaceuticals, Kalos Therapeutics, Aileron Therapeutics, and Bicycle Therapeutics are leading the charge, and their drugs promise to address a broad spectrum of medical conditions.

Peptide capsules are designed to be swallowed and digested, allowing them to reach the bloodstream more quickly than other delivery methods. They’re formulated with a special polymer called BAPC, which has an inert shell and is able to dissolve in stomach acid. Researchers gave the peptide to mice in pill form, and it survived in their stomachs and intestines, reaching the bloodstream in small amounts. It also inhibited thrombin, a crucial enzyme involved in blood clotting, and was well-tolerated by the animals.peptides for sale

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