Tips For Prolonging the Life of RV AC Units

If you’re an RVer or looking to buy one, then you know how important it is to have a working RV air conditioning unit. These handy devices keep your rig cool and comfortable throughout the warmer summer months, making travel much more enjoyable. However, like any other electronic device, RV AC units can stop working properly, especially if you don’t regularly perform routine maintenance. The good news is that if you follow the tips in this article, you can get your RV air conditioner up and running quickly if it stops working.

The first step in getting your RV’s ac unit back up and running is to determine what the problem is. This may be as simple as checking the thermostat and the electric system powering it, or it might be more serious, like a bad compressor or dirty evaporator coil. Whatever the problem, it’s crucial to take care of it as soon as possible so that you can enjoy a cool, comfortable trip in your RV.

There are several things you can do to extend the life of your RV air conditioning unit, ranging from parking in the shade to using the natural ventilation of your RV to create a cross breeze. Additionally, if you’re in an area with shore power or are able to use a generator, you can run your ac for a longer time, which will save energy and prolong the life of the AC unit.

You can also add a second AC unit to your rig for backup in case the original rooftop unit becomes too worn down to continue functioning efficiently. However, if you do this, be sure to install the second unit in the same place as the first and avoid replacing vents in the kitchen or bathroom. These spaces have high humidity levels and require vents to keep them cooled down.

Keeping your RV’s ac unit working properly is essential for enjoying your vacations and travels, but it can be challenging at times. A faulty compressor or a dirty evaporator coil can make your RV’s ac unit not work as well as it should, which can be annoying. A clogged filter or straight fins can also restrict airflow, which makes the ac unit work harder.

The good news is that many problems can be easily fixed with the right tools and knowledge. Performing routine maintenance is crucial for keeping your RV’s ac unit in good condition, and this includes regularly cleaning the filters and straight fins. Regular cleaning will help prevent the build-up of dirt and grime that can cause the ac to work less efficiently and even develop mold or mildew, which can be very dangerous for you and your family to breathe in. A blown fuse or a dead battery can also prevent your RV’s ac from working, so it’s important to check these items as soon as you notice them. If you’re not able to fix the problem yourself, you can always call a professional RV technician.

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