The Farmer’s Dog Review

the farmer’s dog review is a fresh dog food service that offers a variety of recipes for dogs of all breeds and sizes. All of their foods are vet-formulated to be safe and nutritious, containing no artificial preservatives or fillers.

Their beef recipe includes a blend of ground beef, carrots, and sweet potatoes in addition to fish oil for omega 3 fatty acids that support skin and coat health. They also include beef liver to boost the protein content.

They don’t currently offer a grain-inclusive option but claim to be looking into expanding their recipe selection in the future. However, we do not recommend a grain-inclusive diet for your pet as it can cause digestive issues and increase the risk of heart disease.

The farmer’s dog prices vary depending on the size of your dog, but a subscription plan can range from $2 per day for a 25lbs dog to $8 for a 55lbs dog.

Each meal from The Farmer’s Dog is carefully and safely prepared in USDA-inspected kitchens. They never use any preservatives or fillers, which ensures that your dog’s food stays fresh for up to 4 days after delivery.

It’s not difficult to see why The Farmer’s Dog has become so popular. Their fresh, human-grade ingredients are easy on your wallet and provide more nutritional benefits than commercial kibble. Plus, you can cancel anytime and they’ll give you a refund or send new recipes to try out!

If you’re thinking about switching to fresh food, we recommend starting with a small amount of your dog’s current kibble as a way to slowly transition them over. Once your dog is comfortable with their new food, you can then switch to The Farmer’s Dog completely without worrying about a negative reaction.

To get started with The Farmer’s Dog, sign up for a trial plan or order a sample box and give it a try. Once you’ve got your pup used to eating fresh, you can then move on to a full-sized subscription plan and begin delivering the delicious meals right to your home.

The food is made in a dedicated, state-of-the-art kitchen and is frozen immediately before shipping out. Unlike many other companies that ship their products in bulk, The Farmer’s Dog uses environmentally friendly packaging that is free from plastic and other harmful materials.

They’re a great option for busy pet parents and dog owners who are interested in bringing more natural ingredients into their dog’s diet. But they’re not the right choice for everyone, and you should always talk to your vet before making a major change to your dog’s diet.

This fresh dog food is a great choice for busy pet parents and dog owners who are seeking a more natural, healthier alternative to commercial dog foods. Its human-grade ingredients are easy on your wallet, and you can opt for a trial plan or order a taste test to see if your dog likes it before signing up for a full subscription.

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