The Best CBD Oil Products Available in the UK

With CBD oil being a new and growing supplement, it’s important to choose the right product to help achieve your wellness goals. CBD is a non-psychoactive ingredient that can aid with anxiety, sleep, stress and pain relief. When choosing a CBD product, it’s vital to consider the company’s reputation, customer reviews, lab test results, consistency, and cannabinoid profile. The UK CBD market and high street are flooded with low-quality products, which can be difficult to differentiate between.

To make the process easier, we have compiled our list of some of the best CBD products available in the UK, based on customer reviews, lab test results, CBD oil taste and more. Whether you’re looking for a CBD oil with a high potency or a more balanced option, there is something on our list to suit your needs.

This is one of our favourite CBD oils, due to the fact that it combines the power of CBD with other key ingredients to help reduce stress and encourage relaxation. This tincture contains high-quality CBD extract alongside Maca root, MCT oil and additional relaxation-encouraging terpenes. The combination of these ingredients is known to increase the absorption of CBD, thus allowing it to work more effectively.

The team at Biopurus have been cold pressing some of the world’s finest botanicals for a decade and have brought this expertise to their range of CBD oils. The oil is made from cold-pressed hemp, rather than CO2-extracted distillate, which helps to preserve the delicate plant compounds within the oil. The oil is also full spectrum, meaning it includes all the other cannabinoids present in the hemp plant – except THC, which must be below 0.2% in order to meet the UK’s legal requirements for CBD oils.

Charlotte’s Web are another of the early names in the CBD industry, having been founded by the family of a girl who suffered from seizures and was helped greatly by CBD. The brand has since expanded to provide a vast array of CBD products including capsules, gummies and creams.

Vibes CBD are a little bit newer to the scene but have taken cues from some of the more established companies on this list and made an impressive mark in the CBD community. Their range includes a variety of flavours for their gummies as well as high-potency CBD oils. They also offer third-party lab testing on all their products, which is a huge bonus for consumers. Best CBD Oil Products UK

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