The Benefits of a Soft Wash Car Wash

Unlike traditional touchless car wash equipment, which utilizes chemicals that can damage certain paint finishes and remove protective coatings like wax, soft cloth car washing uses gentle, gliding motions combined with powered friction to physically clean a vehicle’s exterior. This is especially beneficial for removing baked on pollen or dust haziness that can be difficult to fully erase with regular windshield wiper use.

A soft wash is also a great option for those who struggle with stubborn bug splats on their vehicle’s windshield. Windshield wipers can smear these dead bugs, making them even more difficult to remove. However, the high level of foaming produced by a soft wash coupled with the power of the cleaning cloths’ friction can loosen and lift away these pesky contaminants.

During a soft wash, mild soap with a specific pH balance and water are constantly saturating the closed-cell foam and felt cloth. This lubrication along with the powerful rubbing of these materials on your vehicle breaks down the electro-molecular bond the surface contaminants have with the paint, allowing them to be easily rinsed off with low-pressure water.

This method is very effective at removing stubborn dirt, road salt and other contaminants, including the thick, sticky residue left by snow removal chemicals. The rubbing action of the soft cloth materials also removes any bird droppings and other debris that may be stuck to the paint. The only drawback of a soft wash is that, like all wash systems that come in contact with a car’s painted surface, there is a slight risk of scratching. However, if the washing cloths are well-maintained they will not cause any damage to your vehicle’s finish. soft wash car wash

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