Shutters North East

Shutters north east

The founders of this new business knew that they had spotted a gap in the market for premium, made-to-measure shutters, and that their skillset and heritage fitted perfectly with the industry’s ethos. After several iterations, the founders settled on ‘North East Shutters’ as the brand name that encapsulated both their passion for craftsmanship and their strong roots in the region.

We designed a responsive website that showcases the brand’s unique product offering and features, and is accessible on both desktop and mobile. The site includes a comprehensive search functionality that allows visitors to quickly find the tradespeople, home improvement professionals and suppliers they need for their renovation or repair project, whether they’re looking for painters, carpenters or suppliers of shutters north east.

Adding plantation shutters to your windows is the ultimate home design upgrade. Stylish and timeless, they provide a sleek aesthetic dimension to your interior design that enhances privacy, reduces noise pollution, and provides insulation. Moreover, they are available in a wide range of styles, colors and materials. They are also customizable, allowing you to choose from angled, arched or circular shutters as well as full-height or tier-on-tier styles. Shutters north east

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