Planning a tour to Madrid city of Spain

The city of castles, cathedrals, music, historical landmarks and nature’s wonders; yes we are talking about Madrid City, Spanish capital and the heart of Spain. Madrid is a beautiful city, there are so many tourist spots in Madrid that you can spend an entire week in the city. You need not to go anywhere else you can find the historical landmarks, natural sights, royal buildings, castles and museums in the city. In this article i will share with you to plan your own tour in the Madrid city. Below are the major highlights of the Madrid city

Highlights of the Madrid city

The main landmarks in the madrid city are Reina Sofia museum, Prado museum, Royal castle, Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Bullfight ring, Buen Retiro Park, Plaza mayor and Temple of Debod.

Arrival in Madrid City

You can arrive in Madrid by flights or high speed (AVE) trains. People can arrive by flights at Madrid international stadium. After reaching Madrid you can accommodate your stay at hotels or by house rentals based on your touring budget.

Traveling in Madrid

Traveling in Madrid is city is easy. There is a fine road network and buses are available in the entire city. People can also rent cars or taxi for their stay in the Madrid. People can also rent motorbikes in the Madrid city during their stay and enjoy rides to several destination on your rental bikes. Motorcycle rental gives more exposure for the tourist to the city. Tourist usually hire motorbikes in Madrid for their tours; it is not only for fun but also quite a business in Madrid.

Planning your tour

You can visit any destination during your first ride in Madrid but it is wise to plan your tour by destination travel base on your rental location. First destination to be visit should be the one near your rental home or hotel. There are many places of travel that are closely link to another destination spot. Such as Plaza mayor is located just a walk away from Puerta del Sol, a famous square located in the middle of the city. You can plan your destination travel base on the area of the city and the type of destination travel. There are two great museum in the city, considered as one of the greatest museum in europe. You may plan an entire day for museum travel in Spain.

Day 1: Traveling to Palacio de Real  

Palacio de Real (Royal Palace) is the official residence of Spanish royal family. The palace is now being used for state ceremonies. The palace reside over a 9th century fortress of mayrit built by Mohammad I of Cordoba. Later it was inherited by Moorish Taifa of Toledo. After Madrid was overruled by Alfonso VI of castile, the castle building was rarely used only but the king of Castile. In present day the palace building is use for tourism and also for state ceremonies. Notable things to see in the royal palace are Sabatini gardens, Royal armory, Royal pharmacy and Royal library. The royal pharmacy was used by the kings of castile for the supply of medicine.

Nearby Palacio Real

Plaza de Oriente is located by the site of Palacio de Real. On the ground of Plaza de Oriente is the monument of Felipe IV of Castile. Plaza square hosts statues of 20 spanish kings of Visigoth and Monarchy. On the eastern side  of Royal palace is a big statue of Lion that definitely is eye catching for the tourists.  

Puerta del Sol

Puerta del Sol is located just a little walk away from Royal Palace. It is the busiest square in Madrid. It lies in the heart of Madrid city where are locate some important state buildings. There are many beautiful monuments located at the site of square. Statue of a bear and madrono tree, symbol of Madrid is located on the square. In front of old post office lies the monument of King Charles III.

Plaza Mayor

Also located near Royal Palace is located Plaza Mayor. The plaza constructed was started in 1598 on the order of Philip III of Spain. The construction was completed in 1621. The plaza has been in use since then for several purposes. It has been used in previous years for bullfighting, soccer games and public execution during Spanish inquisition. digital nomad visa spain

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