Matter Residences – Connecting Your Home to the Internet of Things

Located at Mattar Road, District 14, Matter Residences is a freehold condominium with a total of 26 units. Designed by world-renowned architects, the stylish urban development is set in a well-connected neighborhood.

Unlike previous smart-home standards, Matter isn’t just a single hub. It’s an interoperability protocol, a way for devices to talk to each other no matter what their brand or home platform. It uses Wi-Fi and Thread (a low-power protocol similar to Zigbee) to communicate between devices over your local network, so it doesn’t rely on the cloud or require an internet connection.

The companies on board for Matter are a “who’s who” of the smart-home industry, and they all have their own reasons for supporting it. Google, Amazon, Samsung SmartThings, Apple, and more have pledged to support the standard in their own products, allowing them to better compete with each other for consumers’ attention and dollars.

In addition to making smart-home technology more interconnected, Matter also hopes to make it more reliable and secure. The underlying networking technology, Thread, is more resilient than traditional wireless technologies, and uses banking-standard encryption to protect your data.

If you have existing Zigbee or Z-Wave devices, they won’t work with Matter on their own, but the CSA says that many bridges and hubs (like Philips Hue’s M1S and M2 hubs or Aqara’s M3) will be updated to provide Matter compatibility. You’ll still need the apps for those ecosystems to use them, but you’ll be able to create routines and automations that span both systems using one Matter Controller app. matter residences

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