Manicure Tables

A manicure table is an essential piece of equipment that can help a nail technician perform the job more effectively. It also offers comfort to both the client and the technician. It provides a flat and stable work surface to apply the polish, and it also contains drawers and cabinets to store all of the tools needed. It can be used in salons, spas, or even at home. There are many different types of Manicure tables, so finding the right one is important to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

Manicure tables can come in various colors and designs to fit the theme of your salon or home. A black table works well with modern interiors, while a white table is excellent at hiding marks and stains. Depending on your preference, you can also find tables that have a special coating to protect them from spills and chemicals.

Besides being durable, a Manicure table should also be easy to clean. The table top is typically laminated with an acetone-free finish that makes it easy to wipe down and clean in case of a chemical spill or other accidents. This feature makes the tables hygienic and also reduces odors and dust. Some tables even include a downdraft vent to further reduce the smells and make the room cleaner.

The Leibou portable Manicure table is an excellent choice for those who want a durable and affordable option. The Leibou is made from high-quality materials and can be folded to save space when not in use. The Leibou is also equipped with a vent and dust collector, which helps to reduce the odors and minimize the amount of dust in the air. It is also easy to keep the table clean as it can be easily wiped down with disinfectant.

Another great feature of the Leibou is its silent guide rails that allow the drawers to open and close quietly. This feature makes it easier for the nail technician to access and remove the tools without disturbing the client. In addition to this, the Leibou has a soft wrist cushion that is designed to reduce stress on the client’s hands and arms during the treatment.

The NM 901 from Tempo Collection is another great manicure table that offers everything you need in a professional workstation. It has a beautiful solid quartz work surface and has ample storage space for the nail technician’s tools. It is a perfect choice for a modern North European themed salon, but it also goes well with minimalist or brass-themed spas.

The NM 901 also features a large knee well that provides comfort for both the client and the technician. It has a sturdy construction that is built to last, and it comes in several colors to match your salon’s décor. Its rounded edges provide safety and protection against collisions, and the metal legs can be locked to prevent the table from moving during use. Tables Manucures

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