Looking For An Unusual Gift Idea? Have You Considered A Personalized Photo Bag?

When it comes to buying presents we’re all always on the lookout for something unique or unusual. Have you ever considered personalizing a photo bag? If you are like most people, you are not aware that photo bags come in all shapes and sizes and can make great gifts for men and children as well as women.

The first thing that comes into most peoples minds when they think of photo bags is the good old fashioned tote bag, but you know, tote bags are just the tip of the iceberg!

The purpose of this article is to help you become aware of some of the various types of photo bags that are available to you, and to provide you with some unique gift ideas of how they can be personalized to create really unique gifts for him, her or the children.

To get started, it’s probably best if I go through some of the different types of custom bags that you can personalize with your own pictures, designs, logos and text.

Photo Bags for the Ladies


There are hundreds of different types of handbags that you can personalize with your own unique pictures for the ladies in your life. Some of the more popular designs include classic double handled handbags, shoulder handbags, chain purses, clutch bags, sling bags and oversize handbags that are suitable for both work and play.

Bucket Bags

Bucket bags have become increasingly popular in recent years. If you shop around you will find custom bucket bags made of all sorts of materials, but if you want to really impress her you should go for real quality, and customize a leather bucket bag.

Tote Bags

The good old fashioned tote bag is still really popular with women from all walks of life. If you personalize a tote bag with a special picture or two it will always be well received and it will always be a unique gift too! Don’t buy the first tote you see, if you look around you will find many different designs including classic totes, colored totes, two tone totes, accent totes, striped totes and many more.

Cosmetics or Makeup Bags

All women own a bunch of personal makeup so a personalized cosmetics bag always makes a great gift, and it will get used too!

Unisex Photo Bags for Men, Women and Children

We all travel from time to time so toiletries bags personalized with your own designs always make great gifts for him, her or the kids.

Nearly all of us own a digital camera these days so if you are struggling for a gift idea a personalized camera bag will always make a cool and unique gift.

Something else we all own are CD’s and DVD’s. Personalized CD/DVD wallets or bags always make superb gifts for just about anyone.

If you know someone that owns a netbook a customized netbook case may be just what you are looking for?

If you need a gift for a gamer how about a custom PSP or NDS Lite case personalized with their favorite pictures?

Personalized pencil cases are always popular with kids so if you need an unusual gift for a child you may want to consider a pencil case?

There are many other types of photo bags, but the examples I have given you above should give you a good idea of some of the different custom bags available to you?

Popular design ideas

You can personalize photo bags with any pictures, designs, logos or text you can think of. You really do have an infinite choice, the sky’s the limit!

As far as women are concerned, by far and away the most popular designs are made of pictures of their children. Other popular ideas for the ladies include pictures of pets, particularly cats and dogs, other animals, animal skin designs and vacation pictures.

Popular designs for men include pictures of their cars, logos, particularly golf club logos, dogs, monogram’s and of course, just like the ladies, pictures of their kids.

For youngsters you can’t go far wrong if you personalize bags with pictures of rock bands, sports teams, cartoons or pictures they have drawn themselves.


When it comes to designing a photo bag your only limitation is your own imagination, if you can think of it you can make it!

Most of us know the things our friends and family like, their loves, their hobbies and their dreams. With that knowledge in hand there is absolutely no doubt that you can find the perfect photo bag that you can personalize with the pictures and designs that will make someone very happy…. very happy indeed. Leather bucket bag

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