Key Ingredients For Proper Vegan Skin Care

These days, many people are familiar with the growing number of people who call themselves vegan. For those that might be unfamiliar with the term, a vegan is someone who does not just refrain from eating meat, but they also abstain from all animal products.

They do not partake in things like dairy products and they would avoid any other food or food products that contain animal fat. But most people do not realise that true vegans also avoid animal related products in their daily life, including washing and skin care. No horse hair brushes, no animal extracts in makeup, and most importantly, no animal related products in cleaners or moisturizers.

For decades, this market was all but ignored by those working in mainstream skin care product labs. They would say that the group simply is not large enough for them to start issuing certified vegan products. But thanks to the advent of the Internet, these products have begun to show up in a few different places.

Most mainstream skin care companies still do not bother with a certified vegan line of products, however, most certified organic products are, in fact, vegan too. As long as all of the ingredients come from fruits, veggies or from other non-animal sources, organic and vegan are one in the same.

Let us take a look at some of the most popular ingredients in the skin care industry that show up in both vegan and organic skin care products.

One popular natural ingredient that is showing up more and more in moisturisers and creams is kukui nut oil. This special and somewhat rare ingredient is derived from the kukui nut and it does wonders for the look of your skin when added to creams and moisturisers.

The extract of the kukui nut is extremely rich in vitamins, like A, F and E. These vitamins help your skin stay hydrated and they also help your skin stay more elastic and flexible. Kukui Nut oil has been used for generations as a skin restorer in many places outside of the Western world. It has fantastic regenerative properties and when combined with other amazing skin restorers like aloe, it can help in healing.

Finally, kukui nut oil can also act as a natural sunscreen to help keep the harmful rays of the sun away from your skin. As anyone who is serious about skin care knows, your skin and sun are natural born enemies.

Another popular organic and vegan skin care choice is actually something that we all know has regenerative healing powers: the apple! That is right, apple extract has been a common ingredient in skin care products for generations because of its amazing ability to keep skin looking young, tight and silky smooth. Not to mention it smells pretty nice too!

But do you know why apple extract is so good for your skin? It is those alpha hydroxy acids that we hear so much about! The average apple is full of these helpful acids and when it is reduced to an extract, it becomes a concentrated source of these skin builders. Apple extract also helps to keep the skin very moisturised, and in turn, young looking. There is a reason why your doctors always tell you to use moisturisers, nothing helps keep your skin looking better, and moisturisers with apple extract are that much better!

Finally, people have known for years that the extract of some of the most popular nuts in the world are good for your skin. The kukui nut has shown that even nuts we have never heard of can help us! But macadamia nut extract and even walnut extract are fantastic ingredients to look for in your organic and vegan skin care products. They usually are not as expensive as some of the most exotic extracts and can help your skin just as much. You can treat your skin in a proper vegan and organic way, without breaking the bank. Vegan skin care

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