How to Wear a Business Casual Suit

Business casual suit is a dress code that is becoming increasingly common in the workplace as more companies give their employees more freedom when it comes to work attire. The look rides the perfect line between professional and comfortable. Whether you’re meeting with a client, attending a work event or just heading to a casual Friday lunch with the team, dressing business casual can make all the difference in your appearance and how you approach the day-to-day tasks at hand.

  1. Blazer or Sport Coat
    A blazer is an integral part of any business casual wardrobe and one that can be worn with almost anything. If you want to add more personality, opt for a dark shade such as navy and avoid gold buttons. If you’re going for a pattern, stick to neutral colors and classic patterns like pinstripes.
  2. Fitted Button-Down Dress Shirt
    A fitted button-down dress shirt is a great way to smarten up your business casual look and bring out some personality in your outfit. You can go with a variety of colors but pastel shades are popular with men. Look out for unique textures and details such as lace embellishments or tie-necks. If you’re wearing a shirt with cufflinks, choose barrel or button cuffs rather than French.
  3. Pants
    A pair of tailored pants is key to nailing the business casual look, especially if you’re looking for something different than the typical khaki or chinos. Look out for unique styles and patterns but don’t go overboard as the look is meant to be a little more relaxed than formal business attire. Business casual suit

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