How to Find Indochina and Vietnam travel Deals

Travel Plan
You will see many travel tips supported by local Indochina & Vietnam tour operators and travel agencies. Visit their website you can find many interesting travel guide, tips and information for all destinations in Vietnam and Indochina. However, if you have the favorite destinations such as Halong Bay, Sapa, Hoi An, Hue, Mekong Delta, Angkor Wat or Luang Prabang. You can search more specific such as “Halong Bay travel tips”. You will find many Halong travel tips and deals with variety prices of depend on tour operators.

Other ways, you should find travel suggestions, tips, experience and information about Indochina & Vietnam in some famous tourist sites like TripAdvisor, Loneyplannet. In addition, you should visit the site of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism: The web provides useful information about the country and people of Indochina and Vietnam. Here you also find traveler’s reviews in the list of leading local tour operators and travel agencies as well as most of the tour is available in Vietnam. You have many options with great culture, cruise and golf tours in wide price range.

Please note that the prices on the websites are public prices for fixed tours. If you are interested in any customized or tailor-made tours you should send a request via email, chatting, telephone for travel companies to get quotations accurately. In some special cases, you can negotiate a better price. To consider and compare the price of any tours you should note the inclusive and exclusive of a tour such as hotels, private cars or not, meals, air-ticket…. The tour price is the total payment, all inclusive fees: travel tickets, bank charges, VAT or not, what services not included in the tour. Then, you consider the advantages – disadvantages to decide.

Flexible Itinerary
When you have favorite destinations, the next and most important step to get best deals for Vietnam travel is to ask yourself “What’s fixed and What’s flexible?” You should consider which of your traveling options are already set in stone (for example, destination) and which of your options are able to be changed (for example, when you would go, by which transport?).

Travel Destinations
Is there interesting pleaces you like and must see in Vietnam and Indochina such as Hanoi, Nha Trang, Halong, Hoi An, Saigon, Angkor Wat, Luang Prabang? And if you go to there, which spots you want to see? Besides, are you just looking for a general vacations? Is there an activity you are looking for (for example, cruise, sightseeing, golfing)? The more flexible you are with your destination the better deals you will get.

Travel seasons
Do you have a set week or month you want to travel to Vietnam and Indochina? If you travel to Vietnam in the low season from April to September every year you can get save 20-30% off compared with the high season. Let’s say you want to cruise in the Mekong Delta, you can see the price of some luxury Mekong cruise as Jayavarman Cruise, Pandaw Cruises, RV La Marguerite Cruise in the high season is about 1.3 to two times higher than the low season. Moreover, if you are planning a trip to Vietnam and Indochina in the next year compared to the trip this weekend, it will make a difference in cost.

Last minute booking
Sometime you can get best deals when book tours or accommodations in the last minute. For example, people usually book La Maguerite Cruises before six months to one year because this is popular Mekong cruise. It’s often full and quite difficult to get a cabin. However, some customers can cancel their trip, and these cabins can be offered with better price in the last minute. If you want to get best deals when booking Mekong cruise or Halong bay cruise you should send a request with flexible departure date as soon as possible to travel agents such as, who provide some special deals so that they put you on the waiting list.

Do you have to take a plane to get to your destination? Alternatively, you get there by bus or train or boat? If you are able to get to your vacation spot by multiple means you will likely get a better ticket price. If you take a plane from Hanoi to Da Nang you have to pay $50 but go by train it just cost $ 20.

Number of People
If you travel with your family or friends you get the cost less than going alone. And booking Indochina and Vietnam tours for as many people as better deals you get because you can share hostel rooms and certain transportation.


ÿThere are many travel websites if you search on google, yahoo or but how to find the travel guide, tips and advices that you want before planning to travel Indochina & Vietnam. 베트남 가라오케

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