How to Create a YouTube Playlist

A youtube playlist is a collection of videos that can be viewed and shuffled together. Playlists can be created in two ways: from the Save function on any video or by clicking Create new playlist on YouTube. When you make a playlist you will be asked for the name of the playlist and the privacy settings. If you select public then anyone on YouTube can view your playlist and if unlisted then only people with the link can see your playlist.

Creating a youtube playlist will allow you to organize your videos into a cohesive set that will tell a story or meet a particular purpose. For example, a business can use a youtube playlist to show off their product offerings in a visually exciting way that will entice viewers to watch and share the content. Playlists can also help you build a community of viewers who engage with your content and brand by commenting and sharing the videos.

YouTube allows you to add up to 5000 videos to a single playlist. This is a large amount of video content that can be shared across multiple channels and websites. In addition, the youtube playlist can be made private so that only people with a specific link can access the contents of the playlist. This makes it a secure platform for companies to share their content with customers and clients.

When creating a youtube playlist you will need to think about your audience and the type of videos that you want to include in it. Using keywords in the title and description of a youtube playlist will increase the chance of it being found when someone searches on YouTube for that keyword. This will increase the number of views that a video gets and lead to more conversions.

Once you have finished creating your youtube playlist you will need to decide what the running order of the videos should be. Typically, you will want to place your best videos first in the playlist. This will ensure that viewers will watch your videos over your competitors. It will also increase your overall viewer retention rate and the average watch time for your videos.

Another feature that you will need to consider when making a youtube playlist is the ability for others to collaborate on the playlist. YouTube has recently introduced the ability for collaboration on a youtube playlist however it is not available yet on mobile devices.

When a youtube playlist is ready to be shared you can click on the three dots menu and then on Share on social media or on your website or blog. A unique link is provided that will direct users to the playlist and they will be able to watch it in its entirety or shuffle through the videos. If you are using a youtube playlist on a mobile device then you can also use the shuffle button to shuffle the videos within the playlist.

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