Digital Marketing in Rural India

With the rise of digital marketing in rural india, marketers have a new avenue to reach the rural market. This is mainly because of the improvements in infrastructure, communication and technological advancements. It is a growing sector for marketers as it is a very large consumer base and a lucrative opportunity for companies to generate high returns. However, the main challenge is to develop a product that adds value to the life of a rural customer. Moreover, it is also important to establish a good reputation in the market. Word-of-mouth publicity by locals is essential to create a strong brand image.

Another major obstacle is the lower literacy rate in rural areas. This makes it difficult for marketers to promote their products and services. Additionally, the lack of reliable communication systems hinders product promotion and distribution. Nevertheless, these challenges are gradually being overcome with the development of e-commerce and infrastructure projects such as PMGSY and Digital India.

Dalveer Singh, head of experiential marketing at GroupMā€™s Dialogue Factory, agrees that the landscape is changing on the back of deep digital penetration. He explained that while TV remains the go-to medium, brands are aiming at cell phone wielding rural consumers by creating content that sticks to their phones. This could include video games, vernacular content or a message interspersed with entertainment. He added that the era of publicity vans and haats has not disappeared, but they are reimagined with Wi Fi hotspots where people can come and download content.

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