Conservatory Ideas – The Georgian Conservatory

Most of us consider adding to our property at some stage, and a conservatory is among one of the most popular of the home extensions.

Conservatory Designs

With many unique designs of conservatory, it can be a difficult decision choosing one that meets your needs. Below is a list of the different designs from their respective periods in time:

· The Georgian conservatory

· The Victorian conservatory

· The Edwardian conservatory

· The Gable fronted conservatory

· The P-shaped conservatory

· The Lean-To conservatory

As you can see, conservatories started appearing in Britain as early as the Georgian era, which was from 1711 until 1830. This was through the reign of five King George’s. You will find that during this period there is a very strong influence from the Greek and Roman cultures, as returning explorers and archaeologists were bringing back these inspirations. That is why Georgian period houses, and their modern counterparts, will often have grand pillars on the entrances and peaked porch roofs, all in white.

Georgian houses are known to have small window panes, rather than the larger ones seen in the later Victorian era. This reason being is that glass manufacturing was quite difficult and therefore extremely expensive. Conservatories, consequently, had a considerable amount of red brickwork with smaller window areas, light being mainly sourced through a glass panelled sloping roof. This may be why there are very few original Georgian conservatories found in existence today. When glass manufacturing was more widespread in the Victorian era, conservatories were rebuilt to let in more light.

Georgian conservatories are very square in their design, unlike Victorian conservatories that have bays. This is one of the reasons why they are so popular today. Being very square or rectangular has the design bonus that when it comes to furnishing, there are very few headaches with regards to making things look symmetrical. Pretty much all modern furniture will fit nicely into this design, and with the characteristic of having more brickwork, you will not be blocking as much of the light that floods into your living space.

With more and more housing being built, the modern home-buyer has a much wider range of period style homes to choose from. Most new home developers have a wider range of houses that are being constructed with Georgian inspiration. This being so, a Georgian conservatory would naturally be the ideal choice when choosing the perfect home extension, to keep in with the overall character of your home. replacement conservatory roof

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