Collage picture framing and how this works

When it comes to personalizing your home there is no better way to do this than to create a photo montage out of your favorite photographs and then display them proudly on any or all walls in your home in Collage Picture Frames.

Each collection of photographs can be grouped together around a particular theme or occasion to provide a one of a kind artistic creation to brighten up an everyday plain wall, providing a great focal and talking point for your rooms.

Collage Picture Frames would make unique personal gifts to give to family or friends to commemorate a special birthday, anniversary or major life changing event. Creating a photo collage for your mother’s 70th birthday for example would make a very special gift, you could collect together favorite photographs from special occasions in her life, then put them in a Collage Picture Frame for her. Imagine her delight when she opens up her birthday gift and discovers not only a beautiful photo frame to treasure forever but a lasting precious memory created especially for her by you.

Frames can be made out of many different materials and in a large variety of sizes, some frames may hold one 8 x10 photo and several 4 x 6 prints while others will hold pictures of the same size. You can get frames made from wood, acrylic, metal, or some are magnetic which would be great for creating a photo collage for the kitchen.

Now how do you go about creating a picture collage of your photographs one method I use is firstly to decide on a theme for the collage, for example the first few months of a new babies life. I would take say three favorite photos of the child and blend them together using photo editing software. The first photograph would be a full picture of the newborn to which I would add a picture of the tiny feet and perhaps a favorite toy, you may decide to have all the photos in black and white and then use spot coloring on parts of the photograph to draw the eye to the part in the photo you want to emphasize. When you have finished blending your photos just print out this photo and add it to the main 8×10 opening on your frame, I would then print out individual photographs to co-ordinate with this one and put them into the remaining 4×6 openings.

You do not have to use photo editing software to make a collage, just putting individual photographs into beautiful Collage Picture Frames will allow you to group and display your pictures in a unique manner. If however you do decide to use software to create your collages a large cheap Black Picture Frame is an ideal blank canvas for your creations.outsource photo editing

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