Cleaning Smoke Damage in Your Home

The smoke that accompanies fire damage can cause long-term and costly damage to items in your home, including corrosion, discoloration, odors, and structural weaknesses. Proper ventilation, removal of debris and contaminated materials, and cleaning and odor-neutralizing can significantly reduce the duration of these problems and improve your chances of salvaging valuable or sentimental items.

If the items you are trying to save have been affected by smoke, the first step is to remove all loose particles with a vacuum cleaner using a dust attachment. Be sure to use rubber gloves and safety glasses when doing this, as acidic residue from smoke can be harmful to your skin and eyes.

Once the loose soot is removed, a dry chemical sponge should be used to clean the walls of your home. These sponges are impregnated with a special chemicals that will clean the surface of your walls without the need for water or other cleaners. Start by wiping a small area of the wall, and continue to wipe until the sponge is no longer blackened.

After the large areas are cleaned, the smaller spaces, such as behind furniture, between vents, or in any small gaps between wall seams, can be done with a small amount of trisodium phosphate solution, mixed with water. This solution should be wiped on the wall with a cloth, and allowed to dry. This solution is safe for many surfaces, but it is important to remember that some items may need to be replaced after a significant amount of smoke damage has been sustained. smoke damage cleaning

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