Choosing the Best Flake Ice Machine

Unlike solid cubes, flake ice easily conforms to assume the shape of containers. This allows it to efficiently surround food you’re trying to keep cold, making it a great choice for seafood, salad bar, and beverage service applications. It also chills more quickly than other ice forms, which is ideal when you’re in a rush to get your food out!

This Manitowoc undercounter ice machine is built for reliability. It uses sealed bearings that reduce preventative maintenance requirements, and it has a stainless steel evaporator and auger for added durability. It’s also easy to clean and has an attractive exterior that will look great in your restaurant, bar, or event space!

When it comes to choosing the best flake ice machine, it’s important to consider how much ice you need. Do you plan to use it mainly for special events with a small group of people, or will you need it to make enough ice for your entire family? There are options that can produce up to 99 lbs. of ice per day and hold up to 29 lbs. at any given time, which is perfect for hosting parties or one-on-one gatherings.

Another factor to consider is whether you’ll be using the ice for beverages or other purposes. If you’re planning to mix drinks, such as margaritas or mai tais, flake ice is an excellent option because it can be blended more easily than crushed or cubed ice. You can also serve a variety of frozen treats like slushies and iced coffee with these machines.

You’ll also find that the ice produced by these machines is cleaner than cube or nugget ice. Flake ice has a larger heat exchange surface than cube or nugget ice, so it’s better at cooling water. This makes it an excellent choice for seafood counters at supermarkets, where fresh fish needs to be chilled as fast as possible to preserve its quality.

These machines can also be used in health-care settings. Medical samples often need to be packed in ice for safe transport. Flake ice is easier to pack than cube or nugget ice, and it’s softer so it won’t crack or tear plastic bags as easily. This ensures that your sample vials will be protected for their journey to the lab. These machines are also quieter than their modular counterparts, which can be beneficial in hospitals and healthcare facilities where noise is a concern.

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