Button Head Bolt

Button head bolt is a socket cap screw with a low profile, rounded shape and hex drive that can be turned by a hex wrench or insert bit. They are used in applications where a lower profile is needed or traditional socket cap screws do not have adequate head height to meet clearance requirements. The hex drive allows for higher torque specifications and can be driven more easily with a power driver than a standard phillips or slotted screw.

They have a wide load bearing surface that is resistant to looseness and a finished look that makes them popular for aesthetic applications where a clean appearance is important. They can be found in a variety of industries and can be purchased as fully threaded fasteners or a combination with a hex washer for increased clamping strength.

While the hex drive makes them more efficient to work with than other drive types, they are still not as strong as a standard Hex Head Cap Screw or an ISO 7380 Button Socket Cap Screw (SBHCCS). They are most often seen in light duty applications where space is limited and the screw does not need to support a large amount of weight.

Button head socket cap screws also have a flat undercut head that is slightly shorter than the standard 82 degree flat head and allows for more shallow countersinking. The undercut head reduces the chance of the screw catching on clothing or objects when moved by hand or power tools. They are typically found in mechanical equipment, metal stamping dies and plastic injection molds. They are also available in a range of materials, finishes and threading options to suit specific application requirements. button head bolt

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