Angel Gifts

Angels are a very popular subject these days. They are often talked about in most of the media, as well as at the water cooler at work. Angels truly play important and beneficial role in our lives. I have read many books and articles on angels and found that there are many conflicting beliefs about them. Personally, I prefer to go by what the Christian Bible states that they are.

The Christian Bible portrays angels to as servants of God and the messengers between mankind and our Father in heaven, and well as being guardians for us. Throughout the Bible we read that angels they have always played an important role between God and mankind.

It was the Archangel Gabriel that came as the messenger from God to the Virgin Mary to deliver to her the message that she had been chosen by God to bear His son the Christ, and to name him Jesus. It was also an angel that came to Joseph in a dream as a messenger of God to impart to him that Mary was chosen by God to give this immaculate birth.

So why do we need a messenger or a guardian angel? Because our Father in heaven loves us so much that He wants to help us through our struggles in life, and also warn us about our sometimes misguided choices that we make. Many times angels are also sent to us as messengers to guide or help us in a particular situation. Guardian angels are also sent to warn us or protect us from harm, and sometimes to rescue us in a tragedy.

The Bible tells us that those who have had direct contact with “The Living God” could not look upon him. So perhaps the angels serve in a way that we can see God through their eyes. Our Father in heaven so loves us that He not only answers our prayers, but also gives us His blessings, grace and mercy through angels.

We are now in a time in our history with many rapid changes happening on this planet. Some suggest that we are possibly in the end times. The news reports of many natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, floods happening in many parts of the world, and drought in other parts. Statistically they are happening at a more than normal rate of occurrence than anytime from our past history. Reports of the appearances of angels seem to be on the rise as well.

Perhaps out of the love that God has for us He is sending us His messengers more often to serve as a warning of the end times. Perhaps people are just praying to our Father in heaven more often because our needs being so great these days, and that could explain the rise in reports of so many angels being seen.

Many people think that when they feel the most helpless and start deeply praying, God will sometimes answer their prayers through His angels. Since angels are thought of as an asset in our lives, we display angels in our home. Angels are portrayed in many forms and are given to our family and friends in angel pictures, angel figurines, angel statues, angel water fountains, etc.

Since angels are thought of as a true expression of God’s unwavering love for us, we buy various kinds of angel gifts to show our love for others as well. They make a wonderful gift as well as and an attractive addition to any home, and also serve as a reminder of our beliefs. Cherub Figurine

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