Alternatives to Diesel Engine Irrigation Pumps

In the past, many farmers used diesel engines to power their irrigation pumps. By the time they started gaining access to electricity, most of them had already invested in diesel fuel for their farm’s generator and could not afford the cost of switching over to grid energy. However, these engines can be noisy and require regular maintenance to prevent them from clogging or overheating. Fortunately, there are alternatives to diesel engine irrigation pumps that can provide similar performance with less noise and maintenance requirements.

Electric pumps are able to generate more mechanical power with less fuel than diesel pumps. This can save you money on fuel costs and reduce the amount of pollution generated by your equipment during operation. In addition, electrical pumps can be used at locations where diesel pumps cannot, such as in underground mines, high altitudes or when a diesel engine is not appropriate for the task.

A diesel pump uses a common-rail system to create pressurized fuel that can be delivered to a combustion chamber by the injectors. The pump is able to vary the amount of fuel delivered depending on what it needs to operate properly. Earlier diesel pumps used an in-line layout that was composed of a series of cam-operated injection cylinders in a line that worked like a miniature inline engine.

Both types of pumps are able to produce a powerful flow with low head pressure, and they can also handle abrasion solids that may be present in the water. However, electrically driven pumps are better suited for applications that require higher water transfer rates and head pressures.

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